Las Vegas Startup Kayman Bikes™ Launches Global eBike Product Line at Interbike 2014

Las Vegas, Nev. - September 3, 2014 ––Kayman Bikes, a sophisticated global electric bicycle manufacturer startup, will debut its line of sleek and hi-tech cycles at Booth #7010 at Interbike from September 10-12, 2014 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  After two years of research and development, the company offers high quality products with competitive prices in several designs ranging from beach cruisers and road bikes to urban riding vehicles.

At the show, *Kayman Bikes™ will feature the *Fusion Mini, a small 20 inch model that can be folded into a bag; the *TYPE R, an entry level bike; the *FUSION PRO, an upgraded bike with ceramic rims. Both versions fold to fit into the back of an SUV; the *Cruiser and *Cityman are designed as the classic American beach cruiser; the 350 watt *Flash+ and the 250 watt *Flash are the premier electric bikes. The Flash, Kruiser and Cityman models includes a double battery system to allow an additional battery on the handlebars to increase distance up to 100 miles via pedal assist or 50 miles without.

Kayman Bikes was started to create a competitively priced, high-tech ebike with superior designs,” stated CEO and Founder Lee Boyd. “We also want to help people who were once able to ride a bicycle and no longer can due to health limitations, those currently working toward better fitness, and basically anyone who loves to ride a bicycle.”

The 2015 line can be viewed at and is the creation of Boyd and his award winning engineering and design team. Kayman Bikes™ products are manufactured in China with company headquarters located in Las Vegas. Several units contain advanced aftermarket intellectual property and patent designs from the brightest minds in the bike industry.

“The electric bikes being featured are available to the public for sale as of Sunday, September 14, 2014,” explained Adrienne Hester, Kayman Bikes Marketing Director and Managing Partner. “Our entire line will also be available for the European market with adjustments to adhere to European Union guidelines. In the United States Kayman ebikes will retail from MSRP $995 to $2,295.”

Boyd has more than 25 years in the fitness and computer industry. He decided to enter the fast growing ebike category after helping his uncle, Ray Wilson, a member of the Fitness Hall of Fame and developer of the iconic Lifecycle™, turn 24-Hour Fitness™ into the world’s largest health club chain with operations in the United States and Pacific Rim. His hope is to continue the legacy of launching forward-thinking products for fitness and recreation as a new alternative to everyday transportation not dependent on traditional fossil fuels

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Congressman Steven Horsford and Professor Rachel Anderson on Ralston Reports talking about “One House” Town Hall: Know Your Rights presented by the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Bar Association (LVNBA)

The community was invited to a town hall about the importance of understanding legal rights when being questioned by law enforcement officers, and how certain answers may be used against a person in a criminal, immigration, or civil case. Attendees engaged in collaborative dialogue, including one-on-one and small group conversations regarding local best practices to effectively address issues of inequality and racial bias in policing, the justice system, and violence against members of minority communities.

Speakers included:
- Congressman Steven Horsford
- Rachel Anderson, professor of law at the UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law and president of the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Bar Association
- Tod Story, executive director at the ACLU of Nevada
- Captain William Scott, Bolden Area Command Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
- Kelley Jones, deputy public defender at the Clark County Public Defender’s Office and member of the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Bar Association
- Scott Morris, president of the Black Law Students Association


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Wines Du Jour

Wines Du Jour has weathered the test of time with great panache and continues to offer a playful yet impactful weekly food and wine menu for its listeners and invited guests alike. We are offering fine choices of wines that are paired with quality food at each of the current weeks host upscale restaurant. Every week, for well over eleven years, Wines Du Jour has set the stage for a featured winery and three of their wines. Everyone will have an opportunity to taste and compare these wines in a somewhat informal setting.

This syndicated program will engage all of your senses while adding to your wine and even your food knowledge. The goal is always to offer a broadcast that will be informative to both the listener and the invited guests at the event including both the novice and wine expert. As an executive Chef, educator, Las Vegas wineau, cookbook author and Lifestyle expert, Les Kincaid shares recipes, offers resources and tips to help make your everyday enjoyment of food and wine a bit more delicious.

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