What Your Content Strategy Should Look Like


There are a number of aspects to consider when it comes to your content strategy. Crafting a good strategy is the key to success with customers and clients. Taking a look at a few of the things you should be doing is an advisable step to take. 

Providing Content At The Right Literacy Level 

It is important to tailor content to the appropriate literacy level of the audience you are intending to reach. It is pretty easy to understand why. An audience that is given information that goes above their head is simply going to tune out. One that is reading something that seems like it has been "dumbed down" is also not going to be happy. Content needs to have a happy medium. 

Your Voice And Tone 

It is important to maintain a certain voice and tone within all content. There is a difference between the two that is explained well in this quote from

"A brand’s voice reflects its personality and identity. It should be consistent across all content. Tone on the other hand, can, and should, adapt according to the context of the content."

Most companies try to maintain a certain level of professionalism, but content does not always have to be so uptight if a more conversational tone is appropriate. 

Breaking Content Into Manageable Pieces 

No one wants to read a block of text. It is never a good idea to try to overload readers with content that just never takes a break. Content should be well spaced out with clearly defined paragraphs or sections. This allows readers to take in the material they are looking at in more manageable pieces.

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