The Storytelling Aspect of Marketing

01/27/2015 Adrienne Hester

Think about the last time you saw a commercial for a large corporation like Coca-Cola for example. In that commercial you did not just see someone telling you to purchase the product. Instead, they gave you a reason to want to purchase the product. They did this through storytelling

Making an Emotional Connection

The stories that commercials tell are not simply narratives. Rather, they are dynamic stories that aim at creating an emotional connection between the product and the customer. All of this must be done while keeping the attention of the viewer. It is not an easy task, but it is a necessary one. 

How to Create the Right Narrative 

The product that is being advertised is a critical element relating to how it will be marketed. Is it a food or beverage product? If so scenes of people consuming the product are necessary. If the product is a consumer electronic, then the advertising may focus more on the many functions of the product. There are about a million different variations on the type of marketing that may be done for a given product, but the point is that the type of product being marketed is critical to the type of advertising that is conducted. 

Plugging Into the Right Demographics 

Finally, it is critical to make sure the story being told is one that appeals to the right demographics. The people who are most likely to purchase your product should be the type of people who are featured in the ads. It really is as simple as that. This helps to create characters that are easier to relate to, and that helps to sell products more often than not.

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