The Power of Digital Marketing


The power of digital marketing knows no bounds. As technology continuously improves, trends begin to blend and change to accommodate an increased number of tech savvy consumers. This list is meant to guide business marketers by providing them with the most current digital marketing strategy trends based on industry movement, customer response, and marketing potency.

Top Trends to Watch in 2014

User Experience: The digital advertising ecosystem is shifting. Native advertising is taking the helm as one of the most influential advertising tactics to date. The customer experience can now be shared continuously, using outlets to allow the customer's voice to shape brand image and influence. Customers are no longer simply on the receiving end of advertising, they are marketing through evangelism; "like" and "share" are literally the "it" buttons of current digital marketing strategies.

Organized Content Marketing: The content marketing bombardment has begun. Customers do not want to simply absorb an ad message; they want to feel connected with your firm. Creative content designed for email campaigns and social media can elevate sales significantly by allowing potential customers the opportunity to take your content personally.

Real-Time Marketing: Organizations are now offered the opportunity to reach customers on a variety of digital levels. Real-time marketing allows businesses to stream live updates making them the source of indispensable information for users. This can increase sales by allowing customers to constantly be connected with your brand; interacting and sharing of trending topics will catch the attention of potential subscribers and clients.

Increased Mobility: This ties it all together. Each year, more and more products become available to allow individuals the ultimate in mobile access. With innovations like Google Glass and the like, we do not expect this trend to slow anytime soon. Mobility also allows more native advertising, increased content marketing accessibility, and immediate customer contact.

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