The Basics for a Good Social Media Strategy

02/05/2019 Adrienne N. Hester

social media shout out Social media is not only about engagement. It’s about engaging well. If you’re still a novice, knowing the basics are all you need to get, you started. Implement these three simple steps and you will be well on your way to a sound social media strategy.

  1. Plan A Head - The better way to keep your social media accounts active is to plan ahead, and this means scheduling (insert big smile.) I love long-range planning.  Preparing allows you the freedom to refocus your attention on your most robust skill sets for your business instead of always focusing on your social media. Unless your job is social media management and content creation, your time can be better spent growing your business. And with so many social platform solutions available, it’s smart to consider using one.Three popular social media management platforms are Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social. These platforms allow users to connect various feeds, schedule multiple posts in advance, find and follow current and relevant conversations, in turn, making it easier for you to keep your channels running smoothing.

  2. Personalize - Truth be told, we are all inundated with messages and information to an overwhelming degree. It’s ongoing cultivation that takes time, commitment, and patience.  So, how do you make your message noticeable among the masses – whether it be in the form of a blog, video, image with a quote, or status update to connect with an audience? Try HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator. It’s effortless and free. Enter five keywords, and you are supplied with a weeks’ worth of ideas, or you can unlock enough for a year by sharing your contact information.

  3. Measurement - In addition to the platforms mentioned above (Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social), other helpful software is Audiense, SumAll, and Beevolve for gathering and measuring analytics, and all offer reports on audience engagement.

There are lots of resources to help streamline your social media efforts. If you’re socially active, it’s important to know your audience, how to communicate, and what resonates, so you know what to continue and what to discard. Your goal is to be active and add value. These tools will help you understand if what you and your company is trying to accomplish is actually working.

Have questions about employing these tools or implementing a social media strategy? Get in touch and let 2GC help you be successful!