The 3 Basic Elements of Digital Marketing: A Website, Blog and Social Media Pages

03/02/2015 Adrienne Hester

When it comes to digital marketing, the most important thing for any business is getting results.  Not only do you want to spread the word about your company, you also want to2GC website increase sales.  A good digital marketing campaign can do this for you in the long run.  The whole idea is to create a strong presence on the internet.  This can be done with a website, social media pages and a blog, each of which has its own advantages.


A website is the most basic component of your digital presence.  It can tell customers at one glance what you’re all about.  From the “About” section where you can talk a bit about yourself to the tabs which explain everything you can do to help the customer, a website encapsulates the aim of your company.  So it’s important to have a website which is brief yet comprehensive.  You need to choose your images and text with care.  Make sure that you present a professional appearance.  Your website should say that you want to be there to fulfill all your customers’ needs.  It should also answer all their questions and possibly give them the option of ordering your product online.

Social Media Pages

Nowadays, social media has replaced word of mouth.  You don’t always call up your friends to see what’s going on.  You just check out their Facebook accounts.  You don’t gossip over brunch; you just tweet about the latest happenings.  And, if you want to hire someone new, chances are you’ll go to LinkedIn and not your Rolodex.  As a company, it’s helpful to have social media pages which will allow you to immediately update your customers about new products, special events, upcoming innovations etc.  And once you’ve managed to get through to a few customers, chances are they’ll inform others about the great work you’re doing.  Don’t expect to go viral immediately; it takes some time for social media to build traction.


You might think that you don’t really need a blog if you have social media pages.  However, this is not true.  The main advantage of having a blog is that you can explain your views at length, something you can’t do in social media.  Blog posts are like short, informative articles that will give your customers the advice or data they require.  Many people are out there looking for good information on the internet.  If you can make your blog a source of reliable material, people will be eager to keep coming back to it and checking for new information.

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