Social Media Strategy and Tips

04/04/2016 Adrienne N. Hester

Social Media I like Concept FadingEffectively managing social media is more than just setting up a Facebook page, having a Twitter account and accounts at all the other social media outlets.

Viewers, all of whom are potential customers, have to feel like they are getting something for the time they spend on your pages. That means interacting. Here are six tips for social media strategy.

1) Communications

Communication is a two-way street. If all your pages and sites do is blast information, you are going to get some hits. Some of these will develop into leads and sales. But getting the most from those places means communications.

When someone posts to your Facebook page, that post needs to be read. If it's a worthwhile comment and not just spam, reply to the comment. Even a few words like "Hey! That's a great idea," or "Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate you" makes the person leaving the comment feel important and engaged.

2) Have contests

People love contests. How much? One lady in Great Britain believes she can make a living entering contests. While that is an extreme example, Internet contests draw attention. 

Setting up a contest on sites like Facebook is easy, thanks to the built-in tracking Facebook offers. Announce the contest and what you are giving away. To enter, people have to comment or "like" the original post and then share that post. 

Sharing is the key part. This puts your message in front of their friends. You invest a little in a prize, set up the thread on Facebook and the rest of the promotion takes care of itself.

3) Manage complaints

This goes back to communication. You have to interact with your customer base. Yelp has proven that customers can make a business. Business Insider reported on one man whose business got hammered by this customer-review website.

Entrepreneur says businesses, especially small companies, that don't manage their Yelp page could be in trouble. The article offers suggestions on how to use Yelp. Everything goes right back to communications; you have to interact with your customers, especially the ones who leave negative reviews.

content matters4) Content

People want a reason to come to your pages, get your tweets and look at your Pinterest pictures. Fresh, new content brings people back regularly.

Think about a car dealership. The inventory is constantly changing. The dealership announces the new year models and says the old models have to go at sacrificial prices. The used car part of the dealership brags on the huge selection of "pre-owned" vehicles.

That's their content, an ever-changing selection of vehicles.

Your social media needs to offer something interesting all the time. It also needs to repeat key items. That car dealership has a slogan. Global companies spend millions maintaining their brand and keeping it in front of potential customers.

This goes right back to communication. You must keep your message in front of the people who will do business with you.

5) Simple

Effective communication is simple. Some of the world's most recognizable brands are simple. See a pair of yellow arches and you think "McDonald's."

Your message has to be simple. Vibrant colors, a few powerful words and a simple graphic is enough. The Nike "swoosh" is a great example of this. 

6) Get help. If you run a business, your main concern should be the bottom line. More and more companies are finding out that effective social media management is a major job. Some companies have an employee dedicated to just this. Large companies have entire departments that handle social media.

Some companies like Buzzfeed are giant social media management companies. 

If you need help understanding how social media affects your business or you need help managing social media, call us. We'll be glad to set up an effective campaign for you and show you what it will take to run that campaign.

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