Smart Marketing for Smart Business


marketing spectrumWhen marketing a product or business, it is important to understand your consumer. One of the tools used to gauge a consumer’s intent to buy your product or use your service is called the “Educational Spectrum”. This is a general marketing tool, when used properly, can help companies focus in on their target audience in an attempt to create a more effective marketing plan.

The educational spectrum is just that- a spectrum. Using percentages from one to one hundred, businesses can improve marketing strategy and tactics by forecasting where their consumers lie on the spectrum. A consumer at five percent is most likely someone who has brushed past a company’s advertisement with hardly a glance. On the other hand, a consumer who is at ninety-five percent is someone who just needs some reassurance that your product is exactly what they believe it to be- this consumer is nearly reaching for their wallet.

Utilizing the educational spectrum correctly will help a business by improving marketing effectiveness. When a company correctly forecasts where their consumers are on the educational spectrum, then adjustments can be made to advertising plans to create better and more effective marketing strategies, thus improving sales and increasing capital.

Building a business is hard work. Business owners who use the educational spectrum will find it to be a highly effective tool and easy to use. Correctly interpreting the data collected by the educational spectrum will allow business owners to dial into the consumer’s frequency and give them insight into what the consumer wants. This will create a better experience for the business owner and consumer. The customer will feel more connected to the business or product because of the improved marketing strategies, and the business owner will benefit from the influx of capital due to accuracy. Overall, the educational spectrum is a necessity for all smart business owners.

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