Reputation Management: A 24 Hour Mission

01/04/2015 Adrienne Hester

reputation Internet managementThe things human beings say and do help to create the reputation they have. The same can be said for businesses as well, then again the reputation of a business is far more important to its success than the reputation of any individual. Thus, reputation management has become a big part of conducting business. 

The Internet Revolution 

The ever growing influence of the Internet has made reputation management a 24 hour a day game. Reputations are often being formed almost exclusively on the Internet these days. In fact, reputations may be molded on the Internet without the knowledge of the business. 

This aspect of reputation management is something that all business owners need to be on top of. 

The Power of Review Websites 

People on the Internet tend to trust one another more than would be expected and perhaps more than they should. This trust has made review websites highly important. These are websites on which anyone may go on and post a review of a business or service. These reviews are often submitted anonymously and without much oversight. Thus, anyone can post just about anything they want. This may serve some use or function to those who read the reviews, but can produce a lot of risk for businesses. 

One way to get on the right side of a review website is to respond in a positive way to the unflattering review. Ask what would have made their experience better and invite the patron(s) back for a second chance. Accepting responsibility (when reasonable) can actually be very productive and help spare your business a hit to your reputation. 

Remaining On the Case

Staying on the case with reputation management is very important. What may start as a minor hiccup in reputation, can become something much more damaging if it is allowed to get out of control. Staying on the case is the only way to guarantee a reputation will remain strong. 

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