Reasons to Use Facebook Ads and Pinterest For Your Business

07/21/2017 Adrienne N. Hester

FB PinterestSocial media is important for all businesses and having a presence online will get your business noticed when done strategically. Most small business owners choose to focus on only one or two social media sites before deciding whether to do more with the most common being Facebook and Twitter; though many small business owners are trying other sites with much success.

Companies are reaching a multitude of potential customers online. Here are the reasons you need to be using Facebook Ads and Pinterest for your business.

Globally there are 2 billion monthly active people on Facebook (source: Facebook). Don’t you want your business to grow? Think about how many new clients you can reach just by placing a few targeted ads.

You can target your ideal audience placing ads.
 Facebook Business allows you to target the desired demographic via age, sex, location, interests, and keywords. The Ads Manager makes it easy to keep track of your ads, and you can easily monitor how your ads are performing. If an ad is not working, you can change a few things and try again.

Pinterest is great for business. You can introduce your product to millions of people who spend hours on Pinterest every day. Being a visual platform, companies with dynamic images do best, however, any brand can find success.

Pinterest has tons of potential. There are 150 million monthly active users (source: Forbes), and these people could be your potential customers. Can you imagine how much your business will grow with a small percentage of them finding interest in your product?

Pinterest users spend hours on the site. People are addicted to Pinterest. The average user spends 98 minutes Pinterest per month giving you a lot of potential customers (source: SocialPilot).

As a small business owner, it is time to start with social advertising. With so many online prospects, you need to reach out and capture new customers. The best things about social advertising is engaging your ideal market in a cost-effect way.

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