Put Strategic Planning on the Radar of All Employees

09/08/2016 Adrienne N. Hester

business meetingIn some organizations, the strategic planning process is something to which most employees give little or no thought. It's a headache that managers deal with every few years. They must map out the objectives of the organization in marketing language and perhaps throw in some graphics. Typically, managers link at least one of those objectives to each employee's performance plan. At all levels of the company, there is a general perception that this process correlates weakly with each worker's role in the organization.

Change the Employee Mindset

Regardless of the current attitudes towards strategic planning, your organization can make it a priority. You must set out to change the general mindset of employees. Establish a management objective to put this process on the radar of all employees. View the planning process as a method of explicitly linking the objectives of the organization to the resources and actions that will manifest them.

Show the Connection Between Actions and Results

If your company does not have a strong track record of relating a strategic plan to company achievements, it's time to change. Search for case studies from other companies that have successfully implemented this process or hire a business planning expert to consult your organization and execute the entire planning process. Case studies show employees how goals are set and achieved. Companies with high levels of employee commitment to strategic objectives often realize them in less time than their executive management first envisioned.

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