Pump Up Your Positioning Power

06/14/2015 Adrienne N. Hester

aspirin heart healthPerception is reality.

Think about that for a moment, really let it sink in. No matter what something is, what it's supposed to do, what you think it is - none of that matters. What does matter is how they perceive it. Think about Aspirin. When the product hit the market, it did so as a pain reliever. Eventually people figured out that its blood thinning capabilities could save lives in the early stages of a heart attack. Suddenly, folks who would never take Aspirin to rid themselves of a headache or backache started taking one daily to promote heart health. Lifetime, loyal customers emerged.

Perceptions changed, and so, too, did the positioning of the product.

Image has a lot to do with perception and positioning. Before you can convince customers and your target demographic about who you are and what you do, you need to know those answers yourself. Too many businesses are running around selling themselves as everything to everyone. Doesn't it make more sense to stand for something - to stand out, to make your mark?

Identify Your Positioning Potential

success golden keyThe first step of properly positioning your enterprise for success is making sure you go into this with the right perception. If you're the owner, CEO, manager or in some role of authority in a business, it can be difficult to distance yourself enough to look at things objectively. But you absolutely HAVE to. Consumers see the world in a very different way than producers do. They see problems differently, and they see solutions differently, too.

What does your business look like from the outside?

If you walked into your store or clicked into your digital storefront for the very first time, what would it "say" to you? Does the business name make sense and translate your vision? Do the colors, graphics and other choices used in your company collateral/communications make sense?

Now step back a little further. Why is anyone going to walk into your store (physical or digital) in the first place? What promise have you implied in your positioning that will make consumers want to give you a chance to fulfill?

Now, where are there gaps between perception and reality, and how will you bridge them? What opportunities have presented themselves? Most importantly, what are you going to do about it?

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