Modern Content Strategy & Development Ideas

11/03/2015 Adrienne N. Hester

mixed demographic social mediaModern content strategy & development means understanding your audience as well as the distribution channels that are serving them. Catering to both simultaneously increases the chances of success.

Your Audience

Your audience is looking to you for a unique voice on issues they care about. In most cases, customers will not tell you the issues they care about or the voice that will intrigue them - at least not if you ask customers directly.

Your audience gives away information free on social media. Learn your demographic. Find that demographic on their preferred media platform. Grab all information using interests and related channels as a gateway into the content to engage your audience. Take on the appropriate features of this content into your own while leaving enough room for a unique perspective and tone.

Your Distribution Channels

Google is different from Yahoo which is different from Forum 23855 About Widgets. Where does your audience prefer to categorize its information? Through one of the major search engines or through a niche message board site?

Google requires familiarizing yourself with schemas and spiders. Forum 23855 requires becoming cozy with a potentially volatile forum admin with his or her own specifications about what constitutes relevant content. In both cases, you are building your content through systemic distribution, not by pushing it. This makes your viewpoint look naturally popular.

Your content is not just about your content. It is about presentation and distribution as well. 

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