Marketing Strategies: Then & Now

06/09/2013 Adrienne N. Hester

For business owners, if you're not keeping up with technology you're getting left. The speed in which technology evolves and advances is stunning, and a comparison of marketing strategies then and now proves that point emphatically. MediaBistro offers the following points of illustration (visit their website for a cool graphic including even more ways things have changed):


Then: desktop with dial-up modem
Now: laptop/tablet/smart phone with Wi-Fi

News Information

Then: reporters
Now: bloggers
Then: press conferences
Now: Twitter chats
Then: news clips
Now: news links
Then: evening news
Now: Twitter
Then: TV
Now: YouTube


Then: focus groups
Now: Facebook friends
Then: live demos
Now: video demos
Then: user feedback
Now: social media chatter
Then: product shots
Now: Pinterest
Then & Now

This information highlights the growing influence of Twitter, in particular, though all areas of social media are growing rapidly. Savvy business owners know how to use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others to reach their customers and create "buzz"; for their products and services.

Managing a social presence can be confusing and challenging at times, and TwoGirlsConsulting is ready to assist you. We can help you connect and communicate with clients, plan community outreach events, and offer public relations strategies specific to your business.