Include Corporate Social Responsibility in Your Brand Development Strategy

07/09/2015 Adrienne N. Hester

CSRBrand Development includes more than communicating your company's services or product offering to potential clients and partners. When planning your brand development strategy, consider adding a program or activity which illustrates corporate social responsibility (CSR) to your business plan. CSR projects, promotions and activities add meaning to your product or service value. By doing so, your company creates a meaningful brand.  

Meaningful brands move people to action. They become part of their supporters' lifestyles. When people commit to a meaningful brand, they become ambassadors for the cause. People who support a cause with their time, volunteer work, monetary donations, advocacy or purchases want to acknowledge their affiliation. The causes we choose to support are personal; the personal attachment to a cause extends to the brands supporting them. People who believe in your company's CSR activities become loyal customers and positive referrals.  

We know how important it is to maximize the relevance and impact of your message. TwoGirlsConsulting works with our clients to develop messages and strategies which connect with your desired customer base. We help you refine your messaging. We also assist you with developing well-designed message-driven graphics, web design, social media strategies and media campaigns to meet your potential customers where they are.

TwoGirlsConsulting makes it easy for your organizational supporters and customers to understand your business and product offerings. When you engage our services, we use your feedback and desired outcomes to help your business grow. We take the guess-work out of brand development, marketing and sales as your company works to build its client base and expand its services or product offerings. We're here to support your business's ability to focus on growth without losing momentum to branding and marketing missteps.  

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