How to Successfully Develop Your Brand Development

04/10/2016 Adrienne N. Hester

A good marketing strategy is as necessary to developing your brand as having a good product. Your strategy must stress the importance of a consistent, seamless, multi-dimensional brand experience for the consumer. This plan should consider a branding effort that includes television, radio, print, Internet, and customer interaction that presents your product in a similar style that reinforces the company message. This type of strategy is called integrated marketing. TwoGirlsConsulting is experienced to help you successfully develop your marketing strategy. 

If you're a new company, you need to focus on your brand message, your target market, how you will disseminate the message, and how you would like the target market to respond. 

Harry Potter Once your advertising has paid off.  Your marketing plan switches to the next phase of an established brand. You watch, learn, and utilize how other successful brands became mega brands. For example, look at the entertainment industry and STAR WARS, STAR TREK, or HARRY POTTER. They took successful movies and television series and created a string of mega blockbuster hits by using integrated marketing.

The Harry Potter brand is unique because J K Rowling started writing Harry Potter on scraps of paper. She won a major writing contest and published the first Harry Potter book. The book had limited success until it was made into a movie. The first movie launched the Harry Potter brand into one of the most successful brands in the world. A brand that included books, movies, toys, and a wide variety of merchandise.

Star TrekStar Trek started out as a low-budget television series, but was cancelled after a couple of seasons. Loyal fans successfully campaigned to bring it back. The series was eventually replaced by "Star Trek, The Next Generation," 3 more spinoff television series, as well as several movies and related merchandise. 

Star WarsStar Wars utilized the same marketing strategies to create a brand as strong as Harry Potter or Star Trek. The seventh movie will soon be released and they sold out of the pre-sale tickets with in 20 minutes. One thing the marketing team did differently was to show a movie trailer during half-time of a televised pro football game. According to Reddit, ticket venues sold out of tickets in as little as twenty minutes. Did showing the trailer during half time cause these sell outs? No, it was the studio’s combined integrated marketing efforts that caused the first day sell outs of advanced tickets.     

 The common thread, regardless of the brand, needs to have the same look and feel that seamlessly switches from one media to the next. One needs to look outside the box for new or different ways to promote your brand and do it in the right way. Integrated marketing requires a lot of time. Time you probably don’t have. Your solution is to hire a marketing company like TwoGirlsConsulting to handle your brand’s marketing needs. Contact us and we can show you how to successfully develop your brand.