How to Strengthen your Brand Development to Increase your Leadership and Influence

03/05/2015 Adrienne N. Hester

When it comes to brand development, there are many ways to personalize and strengthen it.  How you poGoogle Trendssition your personal brand will influence your daily leadership decisions and plans. Many leaders don't have the knowledge to effectively manage their brand which results in them losing focus, momentum and impact. Below are some strategies you can take as a leader to develop your brand so it is strong and influential.

Apply 'Trend' to your Brand

It is often a challenge applying the trend to your brand's space. Marketers first need to understand the visual positioning and essence of their brand in the mind of their consumers, or they will risk changing the nature of trends instead of simply adapting them in an influential manner. It is often exciting exploring trends and they certainly add a touch of humanity to your brand development process.

Prove Who you Are; Not Just Who you Say you Are

Many businesses are able to get by simply investing money into their project and putting the word out. However, it is not so much about public perception but rather more about your brand becoming the public's personal investment. It is easy to tell people who you are; however, it is much more challenging to actually prove it. Your product, service, or whatever you are offering has to actually work. In many cases, marketers are out there feeding the hype about their offerings without even knowing if what they are offering works and this often leads to promising brands falling short.

The Point of Purchase is Not Where Branding Should StopKleenex

Successful marketers and businesses build relationships inside their brand through customer nurturing. This often involves following up with your customers on a product's performance, offering discounts on holidays or birthdays, or providing value in some way. When you remain loyal to your customers and continue your branding after they make a purchase, you will encourage them to share your name with others.

When your brand development is working well, the products or services being represented become part of people's language or culture. Take for example the brand 'Kleenex'. How often do you find yourself asking for a 'Kleenex' instead of a tissue? A branding process that becomes this strong stays at the top of your customers' minds and this is the difference between simply promoting a product or service and branding it. For more information on developing your brand, please contact us.