Expanding Your Business to the Multilingual World

10/07/2015 Adrienne N. Hester

foreign language wordsWhether your business is coming up on an anniversary or is just starting out, every owner hopes to expand and grow. While businesses have various customers in and around the world, not all of them may speak your preferred language. Without accommodations for non-native speaking customers, this could mean a delay in progress for your business. Here are a few tips for breaking language barriers in the business world:

Advertising and Social Media

Any advertising medium from Facebook and Twitter to television commercials and billboards has the power to reach millions of people all over the world. Limiting your business to one language can keep it from expanding to its true potential. Consider having multiple Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for your foreign clients as a social media strategy. You can start out with blasting announcements in Spanish or other languages that your customers may speak. If you have a website, allowing the customer to choose their country with the corresponding platform can put them at ease and even inform them that you are open for business in their country.

Welcome your new customers with introduction videos in their native tongue. Videos and banners in different languages lets the customer know that you can meet their needs and answer their questions even if they don't speak the same language. Videos and demonstrations about your business add a visual presence and may be better than giving your website an entire platform in a new language or devoid of constant translation throughout the site.

Customer Service

Clients will always have questions on your services, shipping and handling, as well as purchases and returns. Having a limited phone system with a one language operator can cause stress and confusion. Easily defuse this problem with offering operators that speak different languages. While this may require having separate lines and various operators, your client will know that their concerns are being heard and understood in their native language.

Apart from phone customer service, some websites offer "Contact Us" forms that can be filled out and answered via-email. If this sounds like your website, clearly displaying the phone numbers and e-mails of operators for foreign languages will keep from an overload of badly translated and urgent messages.

The ability to attract foreign customers with adequate phone systems and information only heightens your market presence. Welcoming clients of all languages puts you ahead of your competitors, tapping into a market that they can't access. For more information on additional language support options and how we can help your break language barriers in your field, contact us today.