Mobile Marketing: Creating the Perfect Multigenerational Campaign

10/18/2018 Max Chekalov

multigenerational multicultural mobile usageSegmenting your target market is a trick marketers have been using for many years now. It makes sense – you get to send out a personalized message that is targeted to appeal to a particular set of clients. Your response rates are better and your potential for a successful campaign increases.

And, while the advice is excellent, it is also possible that you might be missing a mobile marketing opportunity, especially if you are in a smaller community. Why? Say, for example, that a couple of siblings decide to take their mother to dinner for her birthday. Their children also tag along, as do their grandchildren. You now have four generations of the same family coming together to celebrate the birthday.

In this instance, you have several different target segments coming together in one setting. Each different segment might have their own ideas on where they should go. If you used traditional marketing segmentation, you might only have marketed to one group on the list. Imagine if you could market to all of them, so they all decide to visit your restaurant. With a multi-generational campaign, you could very well do that. But how do you take advantage of this kind of campaign without breaking the bank?

Forget the Stereotypes

We think in terms of Gen X, Millennials, Baby Boomers, etc. It’s something that has been drummed into most marketers – different generations want different things. It’s also led to us making some assumptions that may no longer be accurate. Take, for example, Millennials – we all know that they are the market of the future, but they have no money now. Is this strictly true, though? Millennials are growing up and starting to build real wealth for themselves. The idea of the broke Millennial with lots of ideas and no disposable cash is fast becoming an outdated notion.

So, while conventional wisdom tells us that Baby Boomers are the most profitable market to aim for, this isn’t true anymore. Sticking to this tired old stereotype could leave your business falling behind as the rest of the world moves on.  


Consider Alternative Marketing Channels That All Groups Might Use

What is the one thing that most people have, regardless of their age? A mobile device. Different age groups may use their phones in different ways, but most of us will spend some time a day on the phone. It may be looking for funny cat videos, finding out something you want to know, banking, checking your emails, etc.

The point is that one of the common denominators when it comes to most age groups is that they have a phone, which makes mobile marketing the perfect complement for multigenerational campaigns. Mobile campaigns can take many forms – from a simple SMS to a full-blown app. They are therefore suited to all budgets. You can find out more in the infographic from App Geeks.


Look for Parallels Regarding Needs

But how do you create the perfect multigenerational campaign? The answer is to find something that all groups want. So, back to our example, everyone wanted to celebrate with their family. If you created a campaign based on families getting together, it would be appealing to all generations.

So stop thinking with tired old stereotypes and take your marketing up a few notches. Multigenerational and mobile marketing offers the perfect way to do this.