Community Outreach: The Real Way to Create a Lasting Impact

07/14/2017 Adrienne Hester

community outreach handsCommunities appreciate when local businesses show they care. People are excited when local industry participates in local events. So it's smart for small business owners to take advantage of this opportunity and develop strategies for community outreach that work.

Reaching Locals Via the Internet 

The Internet is a quick way to engage your local community. It targets a vast number people quickly and is not cost prohibited. An excellent way to arrive at the precise objectives your company hopes to reach is setting up a free Facebook business page and develop a strategic Facebook ad campaign.

A recent Forbes article, '10 Mistakes Newbies Make with Paid Facebook Ads' states, "The platform’s success is due, in large part, to its unparalleled targeting capabilities. Currently, there are no other paid advertising opportunities that allow you to target messages to such specific demographics as 35-year-old women who live in Dallas and like the band Slipknot."

To be successful know your Who (audience), Why (purpose/goal) and What (desired outcome) you are trying to accomplish then send us an email to help you get started!

Show Your Team Pride 

Youth sports are huge in just about any community. Where there are families; there are opportunities to get involved. What better way to connect with your next new customer than cheering on their children? Parents, family, friends, and community leaders attend sporting events to cheer on the next generation in their athletic pursuits.  The article "5 Effective Community Outreach Ideas for Small Businesses” states:

"Sponsoring a youth sports team or any program for kids is an excellent way of getting involved in the local community and be publicly known by the locals. Not only do sponsorships enhance a company’s visibility and popularity, but they also show its commitment to the community."

Show support for the right reasons, and this becomes one of the easiest ways to display your logo and your community pride at the same time.

Provide Comfort in Difficult Times

Gain more goodwill by offering comfort during tough times in a community. When hard times hit, step in and help. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it's also the thing that will endear a company to its customers.

Get in touch today for more information about community ties and how they factor into a company's success.