Branding Rules the Market

03/07/2016 Adrienne N. Hester

Your Culture is Your BrandWhat many unsuccessful entrepreneurs fail to realize is the purpose of the market. Whether this is due to an actual agenda on the part of educators or simply a misunderstanding of economics, it's an easy mistake to correct. The purpose of the market isn't to make things or provide jobs, it's to solve problems. Keeping this mindset is a simple but essential step to maintaining a healthy market.

This is why brand development is so important to developing businesses. Consumers don't look at a business thinking "I'd like to buy something there and help their profit margin," they think "I bet they can help me." Rare is the company with a sterile, professional-sounding name that manages to excel. Images and names are what get people's attention. A distinct image or person associated with a company lets consumers know that the company they're engaging with cares about them, is down on their level, and above all, wants to help them. Branding guarantees repeat customers, satisfied customers, who know that they will be getting the particular touch they found so warm and helpful the first time.

Make no mistake--if you're a business owner, you're not selling a product; you're selling YOU. Branding goes well beyond simply naming a company with something familiar. Advertising is also crucial, to let potential clients know that you can meet their needs, that you care about them, that they can rely on you. If you're nervous about your first venture, and not entirely sure on how to go about branding, try TwoGirlsConsulting.

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