Avoid These Mistakes for a Better Social Media Content Strategy

07/22/2013 Adrienne N. Hester

Social Media Concepts

You invest significant time and money into your social media content strategy. Yet, you still ask yourself, "What can I do to secure a higher return on influence for the resources I expend on content marketing?" There are a few common mistakes that businesses make when trying to engage clients through social media. Here are a few to avoid:

  • Not Posting Enough. We live in a fast-paced society, and clients are constantly hungry for fresh information. To keep people coming back to your site, make sure to post new content regularly. Websites that stagnate will quickly lose interest and clients.
  • Information is Too Dense. People are busy and don't want to wade through dense articles for information. While you should avoid posting fluff, as this will generate little interest, spend time ensuring that your content is user-friendly. Break up dense articles into smaller sections, and format your content so information appears in bullets rather than in blocks of text.
  • Wasting Time Responding to all Comments. It's easy to become distracted on social media, especially if your audience is fully engaged. However, keep in mind you don't need to respond to every comment posted if you have other pressing projects on hand. Respond to important remarks, and make sure that your comments are relevant. Otherwise you can spend days on social media without accomplishing anything else.
  • Staying Blind to Impact. Do you know which leads and opportunities are coming from your social media marketing? Find a way to measure social media's impact on your business, whether by using online tools to measure page views or by asking people how they learned about your company. Measuring social media's impact will allow you to adjust the amount of energy you spend on social media marketing.

Companies that make these mistakes waste time and fail to fully engage an audience, while companies that avoid them see a higher return on influence in social media. Want to learn more about successful business marketing strategies? Contact us with any questions.