Averting Disasters when Planning an Event

06/25/2015 Adrienne N. Hester

pink green formal tableImagine you are a guest at a friend's 40th birthday party. Her buddies rent a pricey banquet hall, hire a DJ, and spend hours decorating the hall in a pink and green theme of balloons, table cloths, even monogrammed cookies. But only 15 of her 55 invited guests show up!

Or imagine you are a guest at a wedding where buses are arranged to transport out-of-town invitees from the hotel. Heavy rain and road construction cause the visitants to arrive late for the ceremony. Worse yet, the downpour prevents the wedding from being held in the garden, and there is no indoor "plan B" in case of bad weather. 

In these examples, only a few of the event details that could go wrong were described. Multiply the potential problems, if not downright disasters, that could occur when planning a major event. You should seek the help of a professional skilled in event consultation.  

outdoor formal event tentNow imagine you are planning a fundraising gala for a charity or a kick-off promotion for a new product line. You will want an expert to consult with on every detail – the theme, the venue, the food, the date and time of year, the publicity, the entertainment, and extremely important is the audience you are targeting.

Who are you inviting and how? For a fundraiser, do you have a strong list of potential donors? Consider the invitation – what will entice them to attend? Why should they donate their money to your cause? You don’t want to forget to send reminders, and follow-up messages, and plan the registration and tracking process, and thank you notes.  

TwoGirlsConsulting has experience in event consultation. I will get to know you and help you identify your needs and goals. Contact us to begin planning your most successful event ever.