A Simple ‘How To’ for Getting Publicity for Your Business


Getting noticed is something businesses are constantly working to figure out. If a company is lucky enough to have an overflow of money, it is easy to throw a bunch of it at consistent advertising. Smaller and less fiscally fortunate operations often need to figure out less costly ways to gain attention. Here are some ideas to help the general public take notice of your business.

1. Take part in events that compliment your company. Most communities have multiple happenings throughout the year, so finding ways to interact should be fairly simple.

• Set up a booth at the event where you can display your products or services to the public.
• Register with the local Chamber of Commerce and stay connected to stay informed.
• Create or sponsor a float in a holiday parade, take part in a 5K race or walk in support of a cause, volunteer, etc.

Whatever it is you do, make sure you are ready to greet people and sell your business while you are participating. Customers and clients like to see you being involved and having a chance to meet the people behind the scenes of a business.

2. Contact a charity of your choice and find out a way to get involved. A few ways to get noticed include:

• Advertising the charity in your business with a change jar so others can support the cause.
• Volunteer your time or offer incentives for employees and customers to volunteer on your behalf. If appropriate, allow the charity use your business space to host events. Joining with a charity can persuade others involved or interested in the cause to choose your business and lets everyone know your company is interested in more than just making money.

3. Become a contributor to a local newspapers or website. Everyone is looking for content, and if you can provide it for free, there is a place where it will be published and people will know you/your business are connected to that article. This does not mean paying for advertising. You need to actually write something of interest to the general public that is relevant to your business. Example: A chiropractor recently wrote an article about how flip-flop sandals can cause stress for the lower back. The information was interesting to the public and how it was relevant to his trade. That single article generated more calls and clients over the following couple weeks than his advertising had done in many months. Also, link your article into any of the community events or charities as suggested above to help synergize your efforts.

These few suggestions can help get your business noticed without breaking the bank. It does not mean you are getting away free. There is a certain amount of labor required for all of these. It would not do well to try any of these suggestions and then put very little effort into them. The lack of effort would show and reflect badly on your business. If the effort is there, it should build your visibility in a positive way, which can draw more people to you.

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