A New Logo, Now What?

10/28/2013 Adrienne N. Hester
The new logo for our new division.
The new logo for our new division.

So your enterprise is sporting a new logo, now what? You might think it's easy to continue to market your brand the same way you did before, but it's not. Now's the time to saturate your audience with your new brand development. With change comes progress; so always keep in mind that change is good, and often great.

Current logo
Current logo

Due to frequent changes in the economy, social issues, and technology, the expertise of businesses often change. This is why companies rework or recreate their brand; emerging with a new, improved, and "fresh" new image. A branding "face lift" can work wonders for your company by re-introducing you to your loyal customers, and reaching an even larger audience. The idea is for you to say "I'm breaking brand."

Another version
Another version

Give your business cards a make-over, making your new logo the star.

Redesign your websites, keeping new and potential clients in mind.

All business stationery, most importantly letterheads, will need to feature your new brand.

Don't just change the logo on your products; give them all fresh new labeling.

And yet another version
And yet another version.

If you offer clothing items, think about expanding the styles offered; if you don't offer clothing, think about doing so. T-shirts are a great way to increase visibility of the brand.

For more information on how to increase your brand visibility and interaction, contact. And, remember always represent your

Original logo from 2008
Original logo from 2008
  • product/services
  • reputation
  • rates
  • logo/tagline
  • customer service that supports your business.
  • brand's promise.
  • customer's feelings about your business.