4 Ways to Make Your Corporate Image Evolve

04/21/2015 Adrienne N. Hester

fourEvery corporate image must evolve. Don’t ever let yourself get married to one idea of how your professional entity should look. Always plan to switch things up and stand out. Here are four key things to remember.

1. Make Sure You Don’t Look Like Anyone Else

What does your corporate image look like to the public? Does it stand out? Or does it look like everything else? The last thing you want for your image is to blend in. Make sure everything about your images, logo, slogan, and marketing materials are different from the rest of the professional institutions.

2. Do Something Unexpected

One way to make sure you are not blending in with the rest of the crowd is by doing something delightfully unexpected. Switching up the visuals of your corporate image might just be the fresh twist you need. In the moment that every other competitor seems to be doing something similar, flip the surprise switch and give the public something juicy.

3. “Haters Gonna Hate”

You will never be able to make everyone love you and that is actually a good thing. Don’t be afraid to be a little controversial and say something that will make some people mad. This gets people talking and soon you will see a lot of discussion from both the people who love your brand and the people who hate your brand.

4. Your Visuals Can Say Just as Much as Your Words

Don’t understatement the power of visuals. A picture is worth a 1,000 words after all. Be meticulous about choosing the right designs and don’t get carried away with tons of colors and distractions. Keep it consistent to keep your image in the back of people’s minds.

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