4 Ways to Improve Organizational Culture

07/05/2015 Adrienne N. Hester

teamwork hands inOrganizational culture is not something that is established overnight, but with the right effort it can be created. And once it is, you should never cease finding new ways to enhance it. Here are four ways to improve organizational culture.

Create Rituals

Set up regular times for your organization to gather for ritualistic activities. It could be anything from a monthly softball tournament to Friday group lunches. This will allow for rewarding relaxation and bonding for everyone involved in your company culture.

Stand For Something

Create a culture that has a strong voice with steadfast beliefs and firm goals. Establish a culture with values and traditions. These are the things that lay a strong foundation to build a lasting company culture upon. 

Welcome and Respect the Input of Your Workers

Nothing creates a greater divide than disrespecting the people you have working for and with you. It will be impossible to create any sort of strong, healthy organizational culture when no one wants to be a part of it. When crafting a mission statement or brainstorming new ideas, always welcome the creativity of those who are working for you. This will establish your respect for them and lead you toward greater creative development. 

Embrace Change

Not only should you be prepared for change, but you should embrace it rather than try to deter it from happening. Being flexible is part of being successful and will help you avoid a great deal of headaches and frustration. When you as the leader can showcase to your team your ability to do this, it will be easier for them to do it as well. 

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