3 Tips for Writing Winning Proposals

05/18/2015 Adrienne N. Hester

Stressed businesswoman sitting at desk in the officeWhen working with larger companies, many times they will ask for a formal proposal of your intended services, otherwise known as a business proposal. These documents exist as a type of formal communication between two companies about what products or services will be rendered. Here are three tips for writing a winning business proposal.

Address Their Pain Points

Make sure that you address their pain points. Why are they asking for this proposal? What solutions do they need? Also make sure that you include a short description of what your company does, and how you can help them solve the issue. However, keep the main focus on them and their needs. Deliver your consideration of the project and the scope of work, including a timeline for completion.

Be Clear & Concise

Make all pricing and payment information clear. Bidding for a project is a not a place to be coy or shroud your pricing structure in double-talk. Pricing information should be clearly stated, and if possible, provide multiple options so that the client can see that you understand their issues enough to allow them to consider a range of alternatives. Be sure to include some projected results so they can understand the results they should expect in their investment. By framing it as an "investment" you can help them see how your assistance will help them down the road.

Format for Readability

Make the layout as simple and easy to read as possible. The proposal should start with an executive summary that quickly explains your bid, with the remaining body of the report used to go into detail on how you will carry out the project, project timeline, and pricing. Only add pictures or graphs where needed. This is not a general brochure for your services, but a concrete plan. 

By following these 3 guideposts, you can write effective proposals and increase your chances of winning more jobs.

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