3 Powerful and Simple Social Media Tips to Boost Brand Development

04/03/2015 Adrienne N. Hester

social media treeBrand development is a fine art and it is something mastered over time for professional entities. It takes a great deal of research, planning, and strategic thought. Utilizing the powerful tool that is social media is an excellent way to build your brand. Here are three keys ways to use your social media platforms to better develop your brand. 

Engage, Engage, and Engage More

There is no better way to know what your audience wants then to simply ask them. Have a Twitter account and Facebook page set up where you can actively engage in topics of discussion with your followers. Ask them what their interests are, add simple photographs and ask them to add a funny caption, and ask them for their opinions. Get your audience to participate.

Get Emotional

There is nothing more detrimental than promoting nothing except the brand on social media. Yes, get your name and image out there, however don't shove it in the public's face 24/7. Mix it up. Adding inspirational memes and articles on heart-warming stories of human kindness are a great ways to touch people's soft side. This is a great way to show the personal side of your brand. And people want to know there is a person behind the brand.

Be Humorous, Be Visual

People often come on to social media sites to get a good laugh. Give it to them. Post comical stories and funny photographs to keep your audience coming back for more. Integrating things like this in between your marketing messages will keep them interested and having them pay more attention to your brand.

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