3 Major Ways Businesses Fail With Their Content Strategy


In order to understand how to makes great content strategy, one must often understand the mistakes others have made in order to try to avoid them. We will now examine some general failings too many businesses make. 

Selling To The Wrong Audience 

People have to care about your message before you can provide them with it. If the people you are pitching are uninterested in what you have to say, you are not going to be doing a very good job with your content. A article by author Marti Norberg puts it best, 

“Are you targeting the wrong audience or not targeting any specific audience at all?  A miss is as good as a mile if you fail to target your content marketing strategy toward the correct audience. Determine who your perfect customer is and what makes them tick.”

This is a classic mistake made by many beginners who just want to get their image out there as far and as wide as they can. However, a more targeted approach actually yields better results. 

Stale Content 

Just like no one likes to eat stale bread, no one likes to read stale content either. This means, if something has already been said a million times by other outlets, don't expect anyone to find your way of saying the same thing to be any more interesting. You have to provide a new angle or a new story to keep people reading. 

Not Directing Readers 

call to actionAt the end of any great article is some kind of call to action. It is an essential piece encouraging readers to take action with the information they have just absorbed. Leaving the audience without it makes the communication without purpose, and that doesn’t add value for anyone. Ensure there is some call to action for every piece of content.

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