3 Infographic Topics that You Should Avoid

02/03/2015 Adrienne Hester

infographicInfographics seem to be all the rage for businesses right now. And why not? They tend to be attention-grabbing, interesting and beautifully designed. They can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses, especially online, as they are often reposted to social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest because of their visual interest. However, businesses should proceed with caution because as wonderful as a successful infographic can be, a dreadful infographic can be equally damaging.

Avoid Promotions

One topic that businesses should avoid when making infographics is any promotional idea. While promotions should be visually interesting, a sales promotion can easily get lost in a complex infographic. This in turn is likely to make your promotion less successful than it could be with a simple, well-designed poster.

Avoid Complicated Qualitative Subjects

Another topic to avoid is a complex qualitative subject like a survey with detailed answers needing explanation. These type of infographics lean towards verbose and can present as messy. Qualitative subjects are better in a report with simple graphics. Putting this type of data into a report makes it much easier to consume and understand.

Avoid Inherently Simple Topics

Which leads to a third topic businesses should avoid - a subject that is too simple. Without enough data an infographic can easily fall flat. Many times a simple subject, especially one that is comparative, can best be realized in a chart rather than an infographic. Balancing design with information is a skill. Businesses should use restraint when thinking about using this popular visualization tool. When used correctly infographics can be a wonderful marketing means to promote your business.

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