Consistent Brand Messaging – Your Key to Business Success

03/09/2013 Adrienne N. Hester
In today's media driven world, marketing your business is not only a good idea, it's absolutely essential to be successful. Between the traditional media such as newspaper flyers and direct mail, and newer media such as websites, social media and blogs, consistent brand messaging is the key to telling everyone who you are and what you do.

The Importance of Proofreading

McDonald's Typo
02/24/2013 Adrienne N. Hester
If this is real, it's a great example of why taking the time to proofread is important. McDonald's Corporation can't be happy.

Roadblocks Come in Many Forms

Challenges Ahead
10/30/2012 Adrienne N. Hester
Last week I wrote a post about ABC's Shark Tank and Pro NRG owner Tania Patruno called 'Know Your Message' and the valuable advice she received from Barbara Cochran about an effective product message. The other day I received a negative comment about my post pertaining to three verb tense errors which have since been revised.

Personalize it with a Handwritten Note

Thank You
04/30/2012 Adrienne N. Hester
One of the best ways to show your business cares and provides personalized attention is to send a handwritten thank you note. I have found this to be a lost form of communication because technology has made it too easy to simply send a quick email or an e-card.

Knowing When to Part Ways

04/12/2012 Adrienne N. Hester
Like most things in life, nothing lasts forever and that includes client relationships. Often times we know from the start the affiliation was not the best move, and as time goes on the very thought of working on the account and having to deal with the client sucks out what little joy you might have left.