Personalize it with a Handwritten Note

Thank You
04/30/2012 Adrienne N. Hester
One of the best ways to show your business cares and provides personalized attention is to send a handwritten thank you note. I have found this to be a lost form of communication because technology has made it too easy to simply send a quick email or an e-card.

Knowing When to Part Ways

04/12/2012 Adrienne N. Hester
Like most things in life, nothing lasts forever and that includes client relationships. Often times we know from the start the affiliation was not the best move, and as time goes on the very thought of working on the account and having to deal with the client sucks out what little joy you might have left.

How Well Do You Know Your Business?

03/26/2012 Adrienne N. Hester
The SWOT Analysis is an easy way to help clients identify their current weaknesses and help them map out a strategy to turn their current trials into future strengths. The most challenging part for an organization is being honest about where they stand in their marketplace.

Another Lesson Learned when Speaking with Media

03/14/2012 Adrienne N. Hester
No matter how many times we tell our clients "Off the Record" does not exist, it seems to go in one ear and out the other. It doesn't matter if your client is a mom and pop shop, the White House or everything in between.

Good News is Meant to Be Shared

03/08/2012 Adrienne N. Hester
TwoGirlsConsulting LLC (2GC), a boutique marketing, communications and events consulting business is pleased to announce the addition of Downsize Fitness to its list of clients. Downsize Fitness takes the concept of the NBC hit series "Biggest Loser" and makes it an affordable reality for chronically overweight and obese individuals wanting to lose 50 pounds or more.

Simple Tips for a Successful Media Interview

02/27/2012 Adrienne N. Hester
Whether we like it or not, the news media has a lot of influence and can have a positive or negative impact on your company's bottom line with just one mention. When comments are constructive it is easy to love media coverage, but when it's not positive, it's easy to become defensive and want to engage in pointless dialogue with the journalist or media outlet which is a no win situation for you and your company.

The Importance of a Deadline

02/17/2012 Adrienne N. Hester
"I never miss a deadline." One statement I have been proud to say throughout my career.

Publicists Should Recommend a Social Media Strategist

Talk Bubbles
02/08/2012 Adrienne N. Hester
During a recent conversation with a business owner, I was reminded why I always recommend a Social Media Strategist to handle my clients and potential new clients social media efforts. It was the undeniable frustration on his face and in his voice that prompted me to offer a bit of advice to my peers.