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Adrienne N. Hester is a problem solver, consultant and truth teller; a results-focused integrated marketing communications strategist and event consultant with more than a decade shaping messages to effectively promote local and national marketing campaigns through multiple client connections, long-standing relationships with media, multiple levels of personnel, vendors, professionals, and the community.  Success stems from strong organizational skills, an ability to meet high standards and deadlines. 


The Storytelling Aspect of Marketing

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Think about the last time you watched a commercial. Did that commercial tell you to purchase the product or give you a reason to want to purchase the product? This is storytelling.

Capitalizing On Earned Media in the Modern Technology World

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The technology world that we live in has forced us all to review the marketing strategies that we use. Earned media is now a commodity that is even more valuable than it ever was in the past.

Corporate Communication Strategies: What They Are and How to Use Them

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Communication matters to businesses as they help those inside and outside their industry understand what’s happening. With more information freely flowing between all departments, more tasks can be done.

Reputation Management: A 24 Hour Mission

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The things human beings say and do help to create the reputation they have. The same can be said for businesses as well.

Why Corporate Image Is Vital

Successful Business People
There is no question corporate image is important. Image can sometimes make or break a sale.

How to Maintain Consistent Brand Messaging

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There are probably a variety of different marketing ideas that could work for any given product. That being said, consistent brand messaging is vital to a successful marketing campaign.

3 Major Ways Businesses Fail With Their Content Strategy

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In order to understand how to makes great content strategy, one must often understand the mistakes others have made in order to try to avoid them.

What Is The Organizational Culture Of Your Company?

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The way in which a business is set up can prove to be a big driving factor in its growth or it can be the reason why a company is stalling out.

Is There A Such Thing As Bad Publicity?

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There’s an old saying, “there is no such thing as bad publicity", and some really believe it to be true. The maxim originated back in the early 19th century with businessman P.T. Barnum, founder of the Barnum & Bailey Circus. Others are a little more skeptical and wonder if there are really no circumstances under which publicity can be bad. The only way to know for sure is to look at some examples of bad publicity.

The Steps Of Reputation Management

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The practice of reputation management is something that can be thought of in distinct categories. There is the building of one's reputation which is perhaps the most importance step. The steps of maintaining and recovering your reputation also exist, but it all starts with the building of a reputation to begin with.